Paperwork Needed To File Bankruptcy

 The paperwork needed to file bankruptcy is fairly straight forward but non the less detailed. In exchange for providing certain financial paperwork federal bankruptcy law will give you a bankruptcy.  As you know from reading through this attorney blog bankruptcy is the way to get out of debt. Chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy can give you a fresh financial start.  Although to a skilled bankruptcy attorney thepaperwork needed to file bankruptcy process is fairly easy to most consumers it’s not easy at all.

Help With The Bankruptcy Paper Work:

What you need most is a bankruptcy law firm that knows how to organize you and the process of gathering the paperwork needed to file bankruptcy.  I would always advise my clients to wait until they meet with me before gathering the necessary documents. This saves you lots of time and avoids double work. But with that said many of our bankruptcy clients want to get a jump on the paperwork. For those who do I’ll provide the following information.

  1. Your last two years of tax returns. The returns should be both federal and state returns. If you own a business also provide any business tax returns that you have.
  2. If you are employed I need a copy of six months paystubs or a payroll report for all wage earners. That means that if you are married and only one of you is filing the Court still requires payroll information for the non-filing spouse. If you don’t know how to do this I can help.
  3. Last six months of bank statements. This includes all account both savings and checking. There are lots of ways to get this information. One way is to run an on-line report.
  4. If you have a retirement account or other IRA provide the latest statement. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. Simply check your mail box.  A statement arrives for you each month or so.
  5. For any vehicles you own I need copies of the titles.
  6. If you own a home I need a copy of the deed.
  7. A list of the people or businesses you owe money to. This should include both the address and account numbers. This is the most difficult thing for people to provide. Sit down with me first and I can make this much easier.
  8. Any judgments that you have against you. If you don’t know I can find it for you.
  9. If your paycheck is being garnished we need to know who is garnishing it. Once the bankruptcy is filed I will fax the petition to your employer. Once they receive the petition the garnishment must stop.

Meaningful Bankruptcy Advice:

My advice to my clients is always the same. Don’t stress! Our bankruptcy attorneys have filed nearly one thousand bankruptcy cases in Oklahoma. We have helped people gather the paperwork needed to file bankruptcy and do so in a calm and organized manor. I always suggest that before you start to gather the paperwork you sit down with me at our bankruptcy law firm. Most times by visiting with our bankruptcy attorneys first you will avoid doing double work and in many more times we know the best and fastest way to find the documents you need. For a free and no hassle bankruptcy consultation with a bankruptcy attorney at South Tulsa bankruptcy Law Office call 918-739-8984 or email a bankruptcy question to


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