Oklahoma Bankruptcy Process

Tulsa Oklahoma Bankruptcy Process isn’t as difficult as you think. Our firm has the expertise to guide you every step of the way to make sure every form is filled out properly and your file is thoroughly organized and Oklahoma Bankruptcy Process - Tulsa bankruptcy lawyerspresented to the court in a professional manner. Once we have decided if bankruptcy is the proper course of action, the process begins by gathering certain records. The records you need to pull together so that we can move the Oklahoma bankruptcy process forward:

Records We Need in The Oklahoma Bankruptcy Process:

1. Federal and state tax returns for the last two years
2. Income records (your pay stubs) for the last six months
3. Bank account statements for the last six months, including brokerage and pension accounts
4. The Title for your car or cars.
5. Current credit report
6. A written list of the property you own such as furniture, jewelry, tools, collections, and vehicles.

7. A certificate of completion for the first of two on-line bankruptcy education courses.

Its Easier Then You Think:

To summarize, you should have a copy of both state and federal income taxes in your income tax file. We will make copies of these and all of your records for your bankruptcy court file and return the originals to you. Income records are simply your pay stubs from your pay checks for the last six months. If you have not kept them, we can request duplicates from your company. If you no longer work for your company, we will write to them on our legal stationary explaining that the company should produce these records for us expeditiously. We’ll also need all of your bank account statements for the last six months, plus any brokerage account statements and pension account statements. We will need the Title to your car and any payment booklets you are using to pay off a car loan. We need a current credit report. There are a few web sites on-line that we can request and receive your current credit report in a matter of minutes and for under fifty dollars. Take a moment and go through your home room by room and list everything you own. Assign an estimated value to each item as if you were to sell the item today. Finally, you need to take a course on-line that will educate you as to the ins and outs of the bankruptcy process. We have a couple of courses that we endorse and will provide you with the URLs when you have finished the first six steps listed above.

Its Time To File The Bankruptcy:

If you have kept even marginally complete records, it should be very easy for you to come up with these documents and they should take you less than an a couple of hours to produce. When we have these papers, we can file your bankruptcy.  Then you will be automatically granted a stay which means that for a period of time.  Nobody can call to harass you with collection threats and nobody can repossess your listed properties. You are now under bankruptcy protection. After we’ve filed your bankruptcy case, you will need to take the second one-hour online bankruptcy education class and obtain a certificate.

You’re Almost Through The Bankruptcy Process:

The final step is to attend a meeting called a 341 hearing. We will set up the meeting and will tell you where. At the meeting, we will meet with your creditors and answer the questions they have for us. Do not be afraid of the bankruptcy process. We will take it one step at a time.  We will be right there with you to advise you what to say and what to do down to the smallest detail. If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy protection give us a call today.


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