How to File Bankruptcy Tulsa Oklahoma

How to file bankruptcy in Tulsa Oklahoma is a concern we’ll eleviate for you. This seems easy but in a world of countless advertisements and internet offers it might not be. Among the first things to consider is the experience with bankruptcy the attorney has. Make sure who you choose has real experience filing bankruptcy and doesn’t simply practice bankruptcy as a part

how to file bankruptcy

time practice area. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will know all the answers to your questions as if they were second nature. This attorney should be able to explain the process to you in a way that you understand without the use of legal ease. How to file bankruptcy in Oklahoma begins with finding the right attorney.

Next your attorney should be an actual local bankruptcy attorney not a bankruptcy referral or bankruptcy forms preparer.  Remember a bankruptcy referral service simply sends your financial information to many different bankruptcy lawyers who review your case and decide if they have time for it. Rather, focus on finding a local bankruptcy law firm from the start. This way is the safest and the easiest as you will talk to the attorney the day you call their office and all your financial information will be in one safe and secure spot. Also, a bankruptcy preparer is not qualified to give you any bankruptcy advice and will not be able to go to court with you.

Meet with your attorney and decide if he or she makes you feel comfortable. You’re attorney should clearly explain to you how to file bankruptcy in Oklahoma. If it takes days or weeks to meet your attorney then this may not be the attorney for you. When you meet your attorney you should feel as if your case is as important to you as it is to him or her. If not,  find another attorney.

Where do I file Bankruptcy:

In Oklahoma bankruptcy cases are filed in three separate Federal Bankruptcy Courts. The Courts exist in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Okmulgee. Where you file will depend on where you live at the time you file. Moreover, the court you file in is where you will have to attend the meeting with your Bankruptcy Trustee 30 days after your case is filed.

What kind of Bankruptcy do I file:

This question is discussed in many parts of this blog…so read on. But, in short consumers file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy while businesses file chapter 11 bankruptcy. As to consumer bankruptcy the chapter you file is largely determined by which bankruptcy chapter you qualify for. Chapter 7 is the most common and definitely the easiest. It will requires that you pass a means test.  A means test states you can’t make too much money, and that you haven’t filed for the past 8 years.

Like chapter 13 bankruptcy chapter 7 will allow you to keep your home, car and many other exempt assets. If you make too much money to qualify for a chapter 7 you may want to consider a chapter 13. Chapter 13 unlike a chapter 7 doesn’t give you a 100% discharge of your unsecured debts. Rather the plan looks at your income and expenses and determines a percentage of the unsecured debt that you have to repay. The repayment occurs over a three to five year period.  It is a great financial solution for those with too much income; and thus, disqualifed for a chapter 7.

How much does a bankruptcy cost:

The cost of filing a bankruptcy in Oklahoma always begins with the filing fee. To file a chapter 7 the Court charges a $307.00 fee. Attorneys will quote the cost of a bankruptcy both with and without the filing fee. Ask the attorney if the cost includes the fee if not simply add $307.00 to the price. The attorney fees that bankruptcy lawyers charge will be different from attorney to attorney.  Some charge more if you are married or have multiple wage earners in the family. Others still will charge more depending on the number of creditors you have or if you intend to keep your car and home.

I think a flat fee is better as its way easier to understand. If the price is quoted without including the attorney fee or is higher or lower for any of the reasons I mentioned it may leave to much room for confusion….look for a flat fee with no strings attached.

Free Answers About How To File Bankruptcy:

If you want to speak with a local bankruptcy attorney in Tulsa we can help. Our attorneys service’s the whole state of Oklahoma. Call the Bankruptcy attorneys at South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers. Our Bankruptcy Attorneys are here and will answer the phone when you call. We’ll ask you a short set of questions. The questions will help tell you what you qualify for. If you like, we will meet with you personally within 24 hours of you making an appointment Call Today 918-739-8984

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