Finding The Best Tulsa Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney For You

Selecting your Tulsa Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney is an important task that can make a significant difference in the success of your bankruptcy case.Tulsa Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney You’ll spend considerable time working with your bankruptcy attorney, particularly if you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you’ll need to find someone you trust. A big part of finding the right attorney is first knowing what to look for. With this in mind, the following is a guide to finding the right Tulsa Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney:

Before Scheduling the Appointment:

Whether you elect to search online, pour over the yellow pages, call attorneys referred to you by friends, or obtain names from the Oklahoma bar association referral service, here are some things to look for in an attorney:

Experienced Tulsa Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney:

You should look for an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Years of experience are not the only, nor necessarily the best, indicator of this. Ask your potential attorney how many bankruptcy cases he or she has handled and what types. If your attorney has completed almost exclusively Chapter 7 cases and not Chapter 13, he or she may not be right for you. On the other hand, if the attorney performs mostly Chapter 13 bankruptcies and few Chapter 7 cases this could also be a red flag. You do not want to be pushed in the direction of one type of bankruptcy over the other. You need a fair and honest assessment of your finances and a reasoned opinion as to which type of bankruptcy will most benefit you based upon this assessment.


It can be difficult to determine competence. An attorney can perform many bankruptcy cases, but not do a great job on any. On the other hand, an attorney can be fresh out of law school without much experience, but with significant mentoring and knowledge, and be extremely competent. One of the best ways to judge competence is asking for referrals from former clients as these clients have seen the attorney at work and can provide an accurate opinion as to the attorney’s skill in the field.

Reasonable Fees:

Find out what the attorney will charge to take a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case early on. Cheaper is not necessarily better. You do not want an attorney that handles mass cases and will not offer individualized attention. At the same time, the highest fees do not necessarily correlate to the best representation.

Availability of Your Attorney is Important:

You should get a feel for how available the attorney is before retaining his or her firm. Ask the attorney how often he or she is there to take client calls or how quickly communication is returned.

Communication With Your Bankruptcy Attorney Matters:

Ask your potential attorney how he or she communicates with clients. Is it through email, phone, or otherwise? How often does the attorney generally get in touch with the client?

Personality Counts:

You need to feel comfortable with your attorney. Determine whether your personalities are a match and you want to work for a significant amount of time with the attorney

South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers: Experienced Tulsa Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney:

If you’re in significant debt, struggling to pay your bills, dodging creditor phone calls, or facing foreclosure, bankruptcy might be the fastest way eliminate your debt leading to a fresh financial future. Bankruptcy is a serious decision, but one that offers significant relief for many individuals struggling with unmanageable debt. At South Tulsa Bankruptcy Law Office, our Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys offer experienced, compassionate representation to our clients who seek Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We’ll evaluate your financial picture to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you. Call the bankruptcy attorneys at South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers today at 918-739-8984 to schedule your free consultation.

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