Tulsa Lawyers Explain Filing Oklahoma Bankruptcy During Lawsuits

Filing Oklahoma Bankruptcy During Lawsuits may impact your case. Depending on what kind of lawsuit you’re involved in determines how any potential proceeds form that lawsuit are handled. In certain instances all of the proceeds you hope to win will be exempt while in others they will not.

Auto Accidents and Filing Oklahoma Bankruptcy

Filing Oklahoma Bankruptcy During Lawsuits involving pain and suffering are very common.  Suppose you were injured in an auto accident or on the job, and you were considering filing a claim against the other driver or your employer.  Then you decide to file bankruptcy.  You might think that if you took your personal injury case to court, you would be forced to give up any money you were awarded for your injuries, pain, and suffering in the bankruptcy.  Your attorney could look at your claim and let you know if it qualifies for an “exemption”.  An exemption is money or property that doesn’t get turned over in a bankruptcy.  For claims over personal injury, death, or workers compensation, the exemption can cover up to $50,000.  Your attorney can also tell you how to handle the money so it isn’t mistaken for money that isn’t covered by an exemption.

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Restitution Payments and Filing Oklahoma Bankruptcy

Suppose instead that you were the victim of a crime, and you were due to be awarded compensation.  Again, you might assume you’d have to give that up, but your attorney would be able to tell you that such proceeds are also covered by an exemption.  However, suppose you were considering filing a different kind of civil case, like a wrongful termination or a sexual harassment lawsuit.  You would be wise to consult an attorney, because your attorney would tell you to carefully weigh your options.  Those types of cases, unlike injury cases, are not covered by any exemptions.  Therefore, if you win money, the bankruptcy estate could (and likely would) take it.

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