Filing Bankruptcy and Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing Bankruptcy and Finding a Bankruptcy Attorney:

Many people overwhelmed by debt and fighting off aggressive creditor collection tactics have never spoken to a lawyer.  When Filing Bankruptcy | South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers | debtors lack familiarity with the legal process, they can be understandably hesitant to consider bankruptcy as an option. They may not understand the elimination of debt. They also may not understand that their home and other assets are protected.  With the right Oklahoma bankruptcy attorney guiding you through the process, bankruptcy often provides you with a fresh financial start.  Since hiring an Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorney is not something  people have experience with I’ve provided some suggestions for selecting an attorney if filing a bankruptcy is for you

Narrow Focus or Specialization:

Bankruptcy is a discrete area of practice. It’s foundation is the Federal Bankruptcy Code, bankruptcy court rules and past court decisions.  Bankruptcy attorneys who represent consumer debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 on a regular basis are familiar with the specific laws, regulation and court rules.  When filing bankruptcy Tulsa Attorneys who regularly represent clients in the bankruptcy process are familiar with subtle complications that are important.

Avoid Non-Attorney Document Preparation Services:

Sometimes businesses, who do not employ an attorney, offer bankruptcy document preparation.  The phrase “caveat emptor” (buyer beware) always applies in such situations. This is because bankruptcy involves a lot more than completing the bankruptcy forms.  The first step is to analyze your situation and determine if a bankruptcy even makes sense given your financial situation.  If you don’t have enough of the types of debt eliminated in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, bankruptcy may not be for you.  Furthermore, bankruptcy attorneys analyze a debtor’s assets.  This identifies property possibly left unprotected against creditor claims.  It also devises strategies to avoid loss of critical assets during the bankruptcy process.  While attorneys are evaluated before being licensed to practice law and regulated along the way, there is no assurance that the owner of a non-attorney document service will possess the experience, training and expertise to give you sound legal advice.

Beware of Illusory Attorneys:

While most bankruptcy law firms employ qualified staff members, including paralegals, secretaries and others, your attorney is the one who will analyze your situation, make recommendations and represent you in front of the bankruptcy trustee or judge.  Consumers should be cautious.  Especially if theydon’t recieve an opportunity to consult or meet the bankruptcy attorney handling their bankruptcy.  Always avoid internet bankruptcy referral services. If you cant speak to your bankruptcy lawyer when you call the number found on the internet, move along. Truth is a bankruptcy referral service sends your financial information to mutiple attorneys or sells the information.

Seek an Appropriate Comfort Level:

While there are many qualified bankruptcy attorneys in Tulsa, each is unique in their personality, demeanor and approach.  While competence is an important criteria when evaluating the attorney, you also need someone who makes you comfortable.  The bankruptcy process  generally takes a few months or longer if you file a Chapter 13.  So pick an attorney you feel good about.

If you are interested in Filing Bankruptcy Our affordable Oklahoma Bankruptcy Attorneys offer a free initial consultation. We will answer your debt questions, evaluate your needs and explain your options.  The Bankruptcy professionals at South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers invite you to contact us at (918) 739-8984.  You may also fill out this form today!

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