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Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy may be for you. If you're in a situation where you cant pick up your telephone or open your mail because creditors are harassing you, Bankruptcy may be for you. Or if your paycheck, which is already to small is being garnished, bankruptcy may be for you. If this represents your current financial situation bankruptcy may be the South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers solution. Call today and an affordable Bankruptcy Attorney from South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers will help. Each year millions of hard working Americans find themselves in this exact same situation. Rather then live with the constant stress these same Americans turn to bankruptcy.  If you qualify, and many do, Bankruptcy allows you to discharge a large potion of your unsecured debt. This debt will be forgiven and you can keep your home, car and personal property. This is not some on air debt consolidation scam. It doesn't try to convince you that if you send them the money owed your creditors the creditors will some how settle and go away. Rather, Bankruptcy is a federal program that's been around since the beginning of our country. The bankruptcy laws in Oklahoma make it illegal for creditors to contact you, garnish your wages or even attempt to collect a debt or judgment from you. But, you have to qualify and you have to take the first step by calling a bankruptcy attorney from South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers.  I can't tell you that filing bankruptcy is simple but I can tell you that our law firm has helped thousands of Oklahoman's get out from under the constant threat of lawsuits and creditor collection calls. We can help you get back your financial freedom and reclaim your life.

Types of Debt You Can Have Forgiven:

  • Credit Cards
  • Repossessions
  • Medical Bills
  • Foreclosures
  • Pay Day Loans
  • judgments
  • Garnishments

Oklahoma Bankruptcy Law Options:

The United States Bankruptcy Law Code has several different chapters of bankruptcy. The two options that are intended for consumer's and small businesses are chapter 7 and chapter 13 . The two types of bankruptcy are very different from each other. The chapter 7 is the most comprehensive in that it forgives most if not all of your unsecured debt. Its also much easier to file and to successfully finish. The problem with chapter 7 bankruptcy is that you must qualify and that's discussed later on in this blog. The other bankruptcy chapter used by consumer's and small businesses is the chapter 13 . Chapter 13 is not a fresh start because it doesn't forgive your unsecured debt in its entirety. What it does is stop interest and fees from accruing on the debt while setting you up with a repayment program. The repayment plane is from 3 to 5 years and whats left unpaid after that period is forgiven the same as in a chapter 7.

Contact South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers:

If you find yourself unable to meet your bills and have had or will be facing repossession, foreclosure, garnishments and judgment's then bankruptcy may be right for you. Call our local law firm for a free consultation with one of the Bankruptcy attorneys at South Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyers. This is a free consultation and is totally confidential. We wont make you feel shame but rather hope to empower you with options under the Federal Bankruptcy Code. Call 918-739-8984 or fill out the ask an affordable Oklahoma Bankruptcy Lawyer form located on the left of this page.

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